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The Next Time You Want to Scream at a Newspaper Reporter, Consider This . . .

newspaper reporters real estateSome real estate agents have a distorted view of the press. Agents get upset when they read headlines or news stories about declining real estate markets or recent foreclosures. They accuse the press of fabrication or sensationalism, which is so far from the truth that I hardly know where to start.

For full disclosure, I am, in part, a journalist, as well as a real estate broker. My husband is a journalist. My mother was a journalist. And I know a lot of journalists.

As with any occupation, there are a few reporters who taint the profession, just like any other profession. Those so-called journalists are fired immediately when they are caught reporting on events they did not attend or making up sources or plagiarizing other writer’s content.

Newspaper reporters report the news. They believe that the accuracy of information they present is paramount. They believe in the public’s right to know the truth. They believe in fairness in reporting. Professional integrity, honesty and truthfulness are the cornerstones of conscientious journalists. Journalists will go to jail rather than disclose a source. Journalists will walk off the job if they feel the paper’s profit center (advertising department) begins to interfere with the business of honestly reporting news.

If newspaper reporters were more concerned with making gobs of money or climbing over others for career advancement, they would go into politics, become a public relations flack or choose some other career. Young men and women enter the profession of journalism because they are dedicated to and respect the principle of responsible journalism.

Don’t blame journalists for reporting the news or naively believe all reporters harbor a secret agenda to destroy real estate agents. If you have a different viewpoint, why not contact a journalist and offer yourself as a source? But don’t whine about the news and point fingers. Remember, when you point one finger at a journalist, three are pointing back at you.

And for the record, at many daily newspapers, a copy editor writes the headline. Not the reporter.

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