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Full-Service Real Estate AgentsIf you ask a full-service real estate agent what makes her worth more than another, a likely answer will be results. It doesn't matter too much what an agent charges if your home never sells or if you repeatedly reduce the asking price.

Agents who command top dollar are those who believe their business practice supports it. They are generally the agents who believe in quality over quantity. They use professional marketing materials, employ the latest technology and maintain systems that consistently work, over and over. They negotiate hard, work hard for their clients and earn every dime. They never compromise on service to the client, and their reputation speaks volumes.

If you're wondering what sets a full-service agent apart from others, interview a few and ask to see their performance stats, specifically the list-price to sales-price ratios. You will probably see that full-service agents sport higher ratios, and higher ratios equate to more money for their sellers.

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Elizabeth Weintraub is an author, home buying expert for About.com, a Land Park resident, and a veteran real estate agent who specializes in older, classic homes in Land Park, Curtis Park, Midtown and East Sacramento, as well as tract homes in Elk Grove, Natomas, Roseville and Lincoln. Weintraub is also a Sacramento Short Sale agent who lists and successfully sells short sales throughout the four-county Sacramento area with an emphasis on Elk Grove. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of real estate experience to work for you. Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate. BRE License # 00697006.

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Photo: Unless otherwise noted in this blog, the photo is copyrighted by Big Stock Photo and used with permission.The views expressed herein are Weintraub's personal views and do not reflect the views of Lyon Real Estate. Disclaimer: If this post contains a listing, information is deemed reliable as of the date it was written. After that date, the listing may be sold, listed by another brokerage, canceled, pending or taken temporarily off the market, and the price could change without notice; it could blow up, explode or vanish. To find out the present status of any listing, please go to elizabethweintraub.com.

About Full-Service Real Estate Agents & Brokers
If you ask a full-service real estate agent what makes her worth more than another, a likely answer will be results. It doesn't matter too much what an agent charges if your home never sells or if you repeatedly reduce the asking price. Agents who… more
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