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Halleluiah. CAR Comes Through in a Pinch


CAR comes through in a pinch.

I’ve been yelping about these two points all year long. Finally, Oh-My-God-My-Eyes, CAR responds.

We now have a revised SSA addendum to the contract for short sales that lets the buyer cancel the contract, and it also lets the seller submit other offers. Given the response time of most banks to short sales, it’s about time.

And low and behold, the SPQ is finally a recognized component of the purchase agreement, earning its own special little box to be checked. Kiss, kiss, KISS my computer.

What takes CAR so friggin’ long to respond to the demands of today’s marketplace?

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Halleluiah. CAR comes through in a pinch. I’ve been yelping about these two points all year long. Finally, Oh-My-God-My-Eyes, CAR responds. We now have a revised SSA addendum to the contract for short sales that lets the buyer cancel the contract,… more
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