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What Not Thinking Ahead or Paying Attention Gets You

Even though I have been in Hawaii since November, I have yet to perfect the art of grocery shopping for myself. I have a really good excuse for it because I haven't had to grocery shop for myself for 20 years at least. Much has changed in grocery stores.

Who knew how many selections we needed for paper towels or tissues? The deodorant aisle is a mystery. Whatever happened to the choices of only Dial, Irish Spring or Dove? I have discovered you have to really pay attention to the cost per ounce or number of items inside the packaging. Too many products and brands, all vying for our eyeballs.

In fact this morning, I discovered the plastic gallon bottle of Crystal Geyser water I use for coffee had its plastic cap smushed down below the lid. Why didn't I notice that when I picked up the water? I was probably thinking about the next aisle, wondering what I could be forgetting to buy at the grocery store and not paying attention.

Now, I suppose I could take it outside, throw it on the ground and stomp on it to see if the pressure and weight would force the cap to pop out. Or it could explode all over me. That's the chance I will have to take.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link and read an interesting story about an odd thing that happened to my neighbor from Roseville at this link: Do Not Buy the Table Before the Chairs.

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