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How is that Kitchen Remodel With Lowes Coming Along?

Yes, I get asked how is that kitchen remodel with Lowes coming along almost every week from friends . . .  and strangers to boot. Problem is there has been no activity since the first week in December. Lowes had to come to a screeching halt with crown molding hanging midair because some of the Shenandoah cabinets arrived damaged and other parts of the order did not arrive at all. The clerks at Lowes who were overseeing the job were filling in for another who was out on maternity leave, so there was not not much management.

Lousy systems in place, and I am a systems-type person so I recognize the deficiency in corporations.

The countertop install was far more stressful over all than anything, and that was not Lowe's job. That was the job of some guy I found online who works out of a storage unit in Kona, and his referral construction company who does the work but had gone to Maui. Literally. The head of that construction company, which I won't name because they are a small-time operation doing the best they can, which is either hit or miss depending on who they send. I got the leftover crew who hasn't worked on quartz for 13 years, he said. The competent fabricator went to Maui on a job, so I got shortchanged.

That company was responsible for hooking up the sinks (all three of which were installed backward), cutting and prefabbing the quartz, which they managed to also screw up by cutting in half the long piece. The seams were not to my liking, and they ended up with way too many seams in the backspslash, too, not to mention they installed the kitchen faucets too far back and they barely operate over the sink itself, and they cut the wrong hole in the quartz for one of the bathroom sinks. They somehow managed to get the job done, even though quartz guy, David, was short on his quartz estimate and I had to fork out another grand for second shipment.

Floor installers did not make me any happier. They laid the floor three times, always cutting some piece wrong, at one point dragging the refrigerator over the planks and scratching it. Why don't people take pride in their work? I have gaps under the cabinets in the kitchen because I wasn't willing to go through a 4th floor install.

You can read more about the situation with Lowes in my personal blog today at this link: Update on Lowes Kona Kitchen Remodel.

P.S. Just to be clear, that photo is NOT a picture of my kitchen. It is only for illustration purposes.

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