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Selling During the Holidays

Christmas Tree and DecorationsI realize that many agents encourage sellers to leave their homes on the market over the holidays, but I question whether that advice is in the seller's best interest. It might be in the agent's best interest but not necessarily the seller's.

When I counsel sellers about holiday selling, I suggest they take their homes off the market, even if it's just temporarily, during the holidays. Sometimes it can make sense to leave a home on the market over Thanksgiving, but by December 15, that baby should be retired, either withdrawn / canceled or taken temporarily off the market.

Among agents, I'm probably in the minority with this opinion, and that's OK. We all have different opinions, which is what makes each agent unique.

Unless a seller absolutely must sell during this time, it might make more sense to wait for January. Home inventory begins to build in January, but it doesn't reach a peak until generally March or April, depending on where you live. I say it makes more sense to be the early bird the first or second week in January.

Here are my reasons for taking your home off the market and tips for selling your home during the holidays.


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