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Home Buying With Pets

buying a home when you have petsWhenever I set out in the past to buy a home, one of the qualifying criteria for the home was to find a place where I could hide my cat's litter box. Putting the box in a closet with coats and other odor absorbing garments did not appeal to me. And I'm not a person who enjoys stepping on traces of cat litter scattered about the bathroom with my bare feet. Nope, cat boxes require their own special place in the home. 

I always ask buyers if they have pets before we start looking at homes, just so we can accommodate those pets in the plans to buy a new home. For example, if a buyer has a dog or wants to adopt a dog, it's a good idea to buy a home with a fence -- or at least be prepared to put up a fence. I realize some condo dwellers in New York use those indoor dog pad thingies, but I'm dealing with a cat who is in renal failure right now, and I could not imagine dealing with a pad for a pet day in and day out. If you are buying a single family home in which to live with your dog, a fenced yard will be appreciated by both of you.

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