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Maybe Your Kids' Name Should Be in Lights?

Baby room dioramaMaybe I’m alone in this feeling, but whenever I see a baby room decorated with block letters or stenciling that spells out the kid’s name, I want to pull out my hair and scream. I want to scream WHY? Why do parents do this?


Don’t they know their own kid’s name? Do they think they might forget because they call the baby sugar-pumpkin or sweetie-pie? Are they plum out of interior decorating ideas?


When I’m out touring property, I often see this phenomenon. It’s certainly not a requirement of home staging.  Kids are named Jennifer, Kyle, Jamie or Gracie. I figure that’s their name when I see it inscribed above the crib or bouncing out at me in big, fat letters. It seems presumptuous and in-my-face.


A home I looked at yesterday had the name Gracie on the bedroom wall. It made me wonder if maybe the dad wanted to call the kid George -- same number of letters and all -- but the mom insisted on Gracie. Or maybe that’s how Johnny Cash came to write A Boy Named Sue. The name was already on the wall, so nobody bothered to change the kid’s name.


It’s not like the kid can read it or even see it from the crib. Because if little Gracie could  stand up high enough to reach it, she’d probably pull those blocks right off the wall.


Reminds me of when I was a kid. My parents hung shadow-box shelving on my wall, made up of two squares overlapping each other. Each of the little square shelves held a doll from a foreign country. This was very popular in the 1950s. Of course, I was not allowed to touch it. Which was ridiculous. Nobody in their right mind can expect a five-year-old girl to keep her hands off a doll, much less a doll dressed in native clothing from another country. I was fascinated. All I can tell you is that after I carefully unpinned and removed the kimono on the Japanese doll, I spent hours trying to figure out how to piece it back together so my mom wouldn’t notice. It didn’t work out as I had hoped. The doll looked like it had been run over by a train. I caught holy hell for touching the thing.


But my name wasn’t over my crib. If it had been, I would have scribbled in magenta crayon “has been a bad girl” after Elizabeth.


Maybe these parents who feel the need to proclaim the name of their kid to the world are the same parents who hire nannies. Many of my clients have hired nannies. Which is understandable if both parents work outside the home. But in many cases, at least one parent is home during the day.


I showed a home earlier this week to a buyer where it was evident the seller had kids. Each of the baby rooms was decorated with the requisite names on the walls and toys scattered about. The mother was taking her dog for a walk when I arrived. There were no babies anywhere in the house. I began to wonder if she was hiding them in the basement or attic, but it was too quiet. I assume they were in day care. Or maybe she asked the nanny to take them for a stroll around the park, affording her the opportunity to spend the day in solitude, playing with the dog or perhaps meeting with other moms at her spinning class.


I don’t know why this bothers me. Maybe deep down inside I want all these mothers to suffer like my mother, who had to handle four screaming kids day in and day out. Or maybe it’s the lack of direct attention and supervision of their children that makes parents feel as though they need to compensate somehow, and that’s why they put their kids’ names on the walls. It says, “See, you’re special to us. Now go to sleep.”


Well, good night, Gracie.

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Maybe Your Kids' Name Should Be in Lights?
Maybe I’m alone in this feeling, but whenever I see a baby room decorated with block letters or stenciling that spells out the kid’s name, I want to pull out my hair and scream. I want to scream WHY? Why do parents do this? Don’t they know their… more