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At Least I Didn't Whip Off My Dress in the Hotel Hallway Like My Sister Did

With the exception of one, many of my favorite t-shirts are those with nothing on them. I have nothing I need to announce to the world except perhaps "go away," and I haven't found one of those yet. I feel no compulsion to advertise a major corporation: "Look at me, I can afford to wear this designer shirt with a big fat logo on it; you should buy one too." It would be different were I employed at, say, Gucci, but I'm not.

I don't much care for rock concert t-shirts, although I will admit to owning a U2 from a 2005 concert where apparently I was caught up in the moment when I forked over my credit card to pay $40 for a stupid shirt. It's only cotton, for crying out loud, and $40 is too much to pay for a t-shirt.

Still, every time I go on vacation, I buy t-shirts as souvenirs. Not loud, noisy t-shirts imprinted with such boastful messages as those depicting super powers or cartoons (but I do own a South Park t-shirt) or even sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but those with the name of a national park, perhaps, embroidered along the hem.

They make up for my favorite all-time t-shirt, which I wear at least once a week. It's gray cotton, imprinted with large, black, block letters on the front that read:





I found it one day wandering through Target, of all places. Only $9.99. In hindsight, I should have bought them all. A woman got on the elevator with me yesterday morning, eyed me once over and snorted, "I liked your other shirt better." The shirt I was now wearing had no letters, no pictures, nothing, it was just a plain, gray t-shirt. Sometimes people feel it's necessary to comment on clothing you're not wearing.

Like my sister. She was on her way to brunch yesterday, merrily strolling down the hallway toward the elevators, when she discovered that her dress was on inside out. She looked around. Nobody was coming, so she peeled off her dress just as a woman opened her hotel door, got a glimpse of my sister with the dress over her head and quickly slammed the door again. Can't you hear her? "Harry, you think what you saw at the elevator yesterday was . . ."

Here are photos of the eastern and northern shores of Kauai:

kilauea point

kilauea point light house



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