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My New Video on How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Prepare Your Home for SaleOf all my 500 or so articles on About.com, the one about preparing your home for sale is swiped the most often and plagiarized practically daily, so I figured this was a good piece to do a video on. (Note to plagiarizers: everything on the Internet, unless specified otherwise, is copyrighted.)

I cover the top ten crucial details on how to get your home ready for sale in my article. The video goes a couple steps further and actually shows you rooms before they were prepped for the market and what they looked like afterward.

Just click on the photo to the left or on this link below to play the video:

Preparing Your Home for Sale Video

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Of all my 500 or so articles on About. com the one about preparing your home for sale is swiped the most often and plagiarized practically daily, so I figured this was a good piece to do a video on. (Note to plagiarizers: everything on the… more
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