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Good Morning Vietnam, Bye-Bye Sacramento

vietnam by stan godwynBy the time many of you read this, I will be on a plane and headed for Seoul, South Korea, where, with any luck, I will stumble onto a connecting flight for Hanoi. Yup, we're off for a two-week trip to Vietnam, with a side tour to Ankgor Wat in Cambodia. Bye-bye Sacramento.

I have a feeling this is one of those "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium" tours. We're starting in Hanoi and will end in Saigon, eating our way through Vietnam like ravenous dogs. Although, I can say it's a pretty safe bet we won't be sampling any dog. Not without our knowledge, anyway.

To those of who will receive the holiday cards I mailed yesterday, let me say in my defense that I did try to sign them, but because the cards are blue with silver ink, none of the pens I tried would show my signature on the blue background. So, yes, I took the easy way out and did not sign them. I also did not want to sign my name 500 times.

But I want you to know that I folded those cards, addressed the envelopes (OK, I used labels, but darn it, I printed those labels and peeled them off the paper), put the cards inside, sealed the envelopes and affixed postage. I even drove to the post office and stuffed the cards into the mailbox myself.

I hope that counts.

I had a tough decision regarding the cards I ordered this year. Should they be Christmas cards, Hannukah cards, holiday cards or what? While I am not a practicing Christian, I do celebrate Christmas. My husband celebrates Hannukah.  I suspect Brandon is probably a Wiccan.

So, I thought about who the cards were for. They're for each and every friend and client. A gift is for the recipient, not the sender. I don't buy gifts that I like when I give presents. I buy gifts that I hope the recipient will enjoy. A card is the same principle. Since cards carry messages; I figured the universally accepted message that my friends and clients would enjoy is one of peace. Blue = peace. So, that's why the cards are blue. Because I am too darn lazy to buy different cards for each person. There, now you have it. Everybody on my list will receive an identical card.

In any case, the petsitters will be at our home taking care of Brandon, Pia and Pica. No need to worry about them. See you all on December 14. If I can, I'll try to post a few pictures.

Photo: Stan Godwyn

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