Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: June 2010

What's the Worst Job to Have in Sacramento in the Summer?

home in land park roof tearoffOK, my hand is in the air, and I vote for roofer. When the temperature hits 115 in Sacramento, the last place anybody on Earth should want to be is on top of a hot tar roof. I mean, given the types of jobs a person can do in the construction industry, sweating in the hot summer sun some 10 feet in the air falls to the bottom of my list.

My neighbor in Land Park is putting on a new 50-year staggered-design comp roof. His old roof was shake, which didn't quite fit with the surrounding homes in Land Park. Most of the homes on my street were built in 1948.

When he's finished, he'll have new underlayment, R49 insulation in the attic, and an air circulation system in the eaves to keep down his utility bills.

I watched the roofers tear off his shake and the decaying underlayment. Then, as they were approaching the spot where the ladder was propped, one of them managed to stomp through the overhang and break a few boards. Which they will have to replace.

The roofers also started laying the OSB on the north side of the home yesterday morning, working their way around to the south side by mid-afternoon. You would think it would make more sense to start on the side that gets hotter in the afternoon in the morning instead.

But maybe that's why I am a Land Park agent and not a roofer.

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