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Say Hello to Elizabeth Weintraub's New Team Member, Linda Swanson

linda swansonI am honored and excited to introduce my team member, Linda Swanson. Linda joins the Elizabeth Weintraub Team with 21 years of real estate experience. She was first licensed in 1989 as a salesperson and a few years ago received her broker's license. We are working together very closely.

You probably have no idea what it's like to work in a giant real estate sandbox all by yourself. You know, nobody to talk to outside of your clients and your cats. Lots of Sacramento real estate agents socialize with each other but I have precious little time to stand around the copy machine and chat, much as I may like to. I'm busy taking care of my clients, postponing trustee's auctions and selling those Sacramento short sales.

And now I have a playmate. Not just anybody, either. Linda was a scientist in another life. Hey, I know what you're thinking -- I don't mean this in a mad scientist sort of way, mind you, but she's a real, honest-to-goodness scientist. She graduated from the University of Wyoming and, with her background, has that uncanny ability to analyze, explicate, examine key factors of a transaction from all angles; she's probably a lot smarter than me.

Linda lives in Davis with her first and only husband and jogs every morning with her dog, Miles, a golden retriever. While I am typing away in my blog at 5 AM, she's out running down dark streets, so she's probably in much better physical shape than I am. Apart from an occasional workout on my elliptical, the most exercise I get these days is dragging my trash cans out to the curb. And lately I've been letting my husband do that.

We both share a love of animals. Linda volunteers with the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue group. She's obviously a dog person, and I am a cat person. We've got the ying and yang thing going on. Plus, she has a great sense of humor.

Apart from being a real estate veteran with many years in the business, Linda has also worked in new home sales, an area I know very little about. But that experience has given her invaluable knowledge and insight for working with first-time home buyers. She's also been a sales manager for a new home builder, so she brings home staging and marketing experience to the team. She understands how a home is constructed from the ground up, which blends with my thirst for doing all those home improvement projects. Notwithstanding, Linda is a top producer -- she sold 20-some homes last year. How could I be so lucky? I think all the stars have been aligned lately.

Working with Linda on my team now means I can focus exclusively on doing what I do so well, selling homes in Land Park, Midtown and East Sacramento, and being a successful Sacramento short sale agent. I am thrilled to pieces. I've put off taking on another agent for years, but the time is right, and I've found exactly the right person. You can contact Linda Swanson at 916 607 0111. And yes, she's working on her Active Rain Profile.

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