Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: August 2010

There is No Joy in Saying I Told You So, None Whatsoever

danger thin icePeople often don't pay attention to warnings. That's because sometimes we look at them in jest, like Lost in Space: Danger, Will Robinson. I can advise sellers that the price of their short sale is too low, but they ultimately set the price, not me. I can also tell buyer's agents that they need to pull the comparable sales, but that advice often falls on deaf ears.

As a result, sometimes I can end up with a short sale listing priced way too low to attract any type of decent offer. Agents who don't work in short sales don't understand that banks aren't giving away these homes. Buyers look to their agents for guidance but often those agents say, "Offer whatever you want."

I feel like I can argue until the cows come home but they don't listen. And of course, when the bank rejects the offer, you know who they look at.

All of Bank of America's short sale emails that contain a short sale approval letter arrive with this disclaimer:

* Counter offer acceptance is subject to senior management approval, mortgage insurance and /or investor approval

The only time I have ever had a short sale approval revoked is the one time that neither the sellers nor the buyers heeded my advice. Usually I can get one party to cooperate. But this time, neither of them would. And now I can see why Bank of America puts this disclaimer into its emails. Well, at least I learned something new.

Yup, Bank of America can approve a short sale and then withdraw that approval.

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