Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: January 2011

If You Want a Medium-Rare Steak at The Waterboy, You'll Get It

smoked salmon ahi tartareOne of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento is The Waterboy. I'm not alone in that opinion. Many Sacramentans love The Waterboy. What's not to love? Creative yet traditional cuisine, local ingredients, great wine selection, excellent service and convenient location in Midtown. I'm also a big fan of plush seats, and not every restaurant offers comfy bench seating like The Waterboy.

The abundance of glass windows provide a superb view of 20th Street and Capitol Avenue. Lights from other buildings and traffic twinkle. People mill about in the streets after dark. Midtown Sacramento comes alive when the sun goes down. I should mention that Chef / Owner Rick Mahan also does an excellent job over at OneSpeed Pizza in East Sac, but The Waterboy was here first.

When we were seated at The Waterboy, the waitress asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. I'm not so sure a waitress should ask that question because it implies that The Waterboy is not a place to have dinner on a regular basis. And it is. It's a fabulous local hang out. When my husband asked if I felt like a steak and offered up The Waterboy as an excellent choice for dinner, I agreed with him. But then I realized I had a gift certificate to The Waterboy.

I had forgotten that a client had given me a gift certificate. Just like my client had forgotten to mail it. I think he remembered that he bought it when he received a holiday card from me, which must have jolted his memory. Shortly after I mailed out my holiday cards, I received the gift certificate in the mail from him. The gift certificate was dated last August, right after we closed on his Midtown condo. So, Galen, if you're reading this, thank you, again.steak du jour

I opted for an appetizer of house smoked salmon and ahi tartare, adorned with watercress, thinly sliced avocado, tiny olives and salsa verde. I realize raw fish isn't everybody's choice, but for those of us who love it, it melted in my mouth. The salmon was remarkably fresh and delicious.

When the waitress asked how I wanted my steak, I hesitated. I hesitated because I prefer steak medium rare. But I rarely get it medium rare. In fact, I'm almost afraid to order a medium rare steak when I dine out because it often arrives overcooked and medium. Inedible. Sometimes, I order steak rare, and then it either arrives all bloody and barely seared or it's perfectly medium rare. I figure I've got a 50/50 chance. But, because we were at The Waterboy, I had faith in the chef.

Sure enough, I ordered medium rare and I got medium rare. The steak was unforgettable. You can't go wrong at The Waterboy.

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