Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: October 2011

How Does It Feel to Be a Rolling Stone?

As a Sacramento short sale agent, I am all about selling short sales. I know how it feels to be a rolling stone. I'm not talking about Mick Jagger. I'm talking about Bob Dylan. I am watching the Martin Scorsese 2005 documentary No Direction Home because it's a new release for the Netflix Instant Queue. The film is mostly about Dylan's life in the 1960s. I've seen the miniseries before, but watching it a second time gives me a different perspective.

I had a mad crush on Dylan as a teenager. One of the first songs I learned how to play on the guitar was Mr. Tambourine Man. I was not a very good guitarist and an even worse singer. No matter how hard I practiced, no matter how tough the calluses on my left hand, playing guitar was for my own enjoyment and nobody else's. I never got any better at it.

I took guitar lessons for a while and was forced to learn to play horrible songs like Old Black Joe or Red River Valley. It was a relief to play Bob Dylan songs. It was music I could relate to, feel and believe in. My teacher said if I could play a song six times in a row without a mistake, I would be the master of that song. But my teacher was wrong, and I never mastered anything. But it wasn't for lack of effort.

One thing I have mastered is how to sell real estate, more importantly, how to list and close a short sale. It comes to me naturally. And I think that's because I have a rebellious streak. Spunk, some people call it. I am a rectangle that does not fit into a round hole, which makes me a perfect candidate to do short sales. I am a rolling stone. I don't need a direction home. Wherever I happen to be is my home.

Bob Dylan was in the right place at the right time, and he said the right things. We should all be so lucky.

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