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How Often Should You Call That Sacramento Short Sale Agent to Ask About Approval?

You know the scenario. You're driving along with the kids in the back seat who are poking and prodding each other, "Mooooommmm, he kicked me." Did not, did not. "Mooooommmm, he's touching me!" I'm sitting waaay over here. And then pretty soon you get the whine, "Are we there yet?"

You look out the window. The car is still moving. Your hands are on the wheel. Does it look like we're there yet? No, it doesn't. Because that would require the car to be parked.

I don't have any kids. But I used to be a kid, believe it or not. I remember what it's like.

Now, as a Sacramento short sale agent, I am also the gatekeeper. Buyer's agents check in with me sometimes daily to ask if we have short sale approval yet. Some of them send me an email reminding me that only 8 days ago they submitted an offer and asking where the hell is that darned approval letter.

Some buyer's agents think I am so busy that I do not notice when a short sale approval letter arrives. Why, it could be sitting in my email for days. Not. My email downloads every 2 minutes. Do you think for one minute if I had an approval letter that I would purposely withhold this information?

But they just don't know. They like to kick the back of my chair. Over and over. A guy in third grade used to do that to me. Kicked the back of my chair. Then, one day I turned around, grabbed a black magic marker and scribbled all over his desk. See, I would do it again. Even if I'm made to stand in the corner.

I tell all the buyer's agents that they can get updates from my website. The minute something happens, it's posted there. A good rule of thumb is to check in with a short sale listing agent every 2 weeks or so. Not every day. Not every two days, and not every week. But if you can't remember how to get to my website or how to navigate it, by all means, send me an email and ask me if we're there yet.

I'll respond. I always do.

Is it soup yet? Almost.

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