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The Future of Women's Handbags and the Petroglyphs at Puako

When you're tired of romantic moonlight dinners on the ocean, try Merriman's Cafe at King's Shops in Waikola. Because instead of dancing barefoot in the sand to some Hawaiian crooner, you can walk around the shops to admire outrageously expensive trinkets. We stopped at Coach bags so I could stroke its new winter line of red patent leather. I had the clerks in the store doubled over in laughter as I described to them the new trends I see coming down the line.

Except I wasn't really kidding. Amusing as it may sound. Trendspotting. I'm pretty good at it. The newest thing in women's bags will be a bag in which almost everything can be attached to the exterior, not the interior. Tired of digging for your cell phone? See, it should easily attach to an exterior pocket. Ditto with the display key for a lockbox -- agents will love this. A loop for your sunglasses. A hook for your car keys. The only thing you need a pocket for is a tampon.

That will be the future of bags. Because companies need to keep selling them. And someday, I predict the coveted symbol of a woman's fertility will be reflected in a gold-plated bracelet adorned with dangling miniature tampons.

However, if you prefer to go back in history, take a look at these petroglyphs at Puako on the Big Island. We've got Steve Martin's Walk Like an Egyptian. A guy throwing a baby. Guy holding huge butcher knife over his head. These date back 1,000 years or more. Nobody knows for certain why they were carved into lava or even what they depict. These petroglyphs at Puako feature Mauna Kea as backdrop.

Photos: Elizabeth Weintraub

steve martin walk like an egyptian

guy throwing a baby petroglyph

butcher knife petroglyph

petroglyphs at Puako

Mauna Kea View from Puako Petroglyphs

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