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How To Change Short Sale Agents

The public doesn't understand that they can't just call up a Sacramento short sale agent and start asking her questions when they are represented by another short sale agent. Well, they can ask questions all they want but they aren't going to get any answers from this short sale agent. I answer questions for my own clients. I am even reluctant to answer questions on other websites and in other forums because I don't represent those people. Not only that, but it's against the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to interefere in another agent's transaction.

These people are desperate. They start to think of excuses like, theoretically speaking or I'm not asking for direct advice from you -- just your thoughts. What? They're clawing at my door, and I can't help them. They get upset and think I am willfully refusing to help, like a) I'm a government employee or b) I work at FOX News. But the truth is they want to switch Sacramento short sale agents, then they need to switch agents. Then I'm happy to listen.

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