Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: March 2012

A Rare Succulent Flower in Land Park


Aeoniums, a type of succulent that grows very well in Land Park, also are monocarpic. The rosette elongates into a conical flower spike. This is the prettiest of all of my flowering succulents and the only time I have seen it bloom:


I put in this last photo so you can see the scale of the flowering top in relation to the rest of the succulent. I do have to cover these in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing but otherwise this is a hardy succulent. And pretty, too.

PHOTO: Elizabeth Weintraub, Cactus Garden in Land Park, Sacramento

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Aeoniums, a type of succulent that grows very well in Land Park, also are monocarpic. The rosette elongates into a conical flower spike. This is the prettiest of all of my flowering succulents and the only time I have seen it bloom: &… more
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