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You Don't Always Have to Be Delinquent to Do a Wells Fargo Short Sale

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One of the things they don't tell you about success is there are people who will become obsessed with you. And not in a good way. It's like who in the world could hate somebody as sweet as Ellen DeGeneres, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but there are crazies who do. It might not surprise you to know some of the hatred is due to her sexual orientation, which is simply inexcusable. Some people hate her because she is wealthy. Others don't like her politics. Some, undoubtedly, hate blondes.

Some people are flatout mean who don't even know you. They have no reason at all. Not even a stupid one.

There is no shortage of crazy people in the world. The scary part is you can't always tell which are crazy and which are not. Some act like totally normal people until one day they go off the deep end. Or, maybe you're just so wrapped up in the way things appear that your radar for nut-jobs is on low frequency. You're not always on the cuckoo alert.

But there are times you run into the most charming people you'd ever want to meet. That's the flip side of insanity. The completely grounded, intelligent and captivating individuals in the world. I just closed an escrow with an another Elizabeth yesterday. She was referred to me by a wonderfully warm and caring friend who used to live across the street from Elizabeth. I can see why the two of them were friends.

We immensely enjoyed our ritual on the phone. Hello, Elizabeth, this is Elizabeth. How many times do you get to say that in your life when your name is Elizabeth? If you're me, not ever. Elizabeth is one of those rare individuals who maintains a positive outlook. Her glass is always half full. She finds the silver lining in any tragedy. She is upbeat, happy and her eyes reflect a calmness that comes with wisdom.

During her short sale, I tried to limit negative information that served no purpose. I focused on finding her the perfect buyer. Elizabeth had lived in her home for decades. It was beautifully maintained with impeccable gardens and deserved a buyer who would love and appreciate the home as much as Elizabeth had enjoyed it over the years. The downfall for many short sales sellers in Sacramento is going into escrow with buyers who are not really buyers or the wrong buyers. I help all of my clients to choose the **right** buyers, those who are committed and dedicated.

Elizabeth is moving out of town to be closer to family. She is retiring. It's what we call our Golden Years. The buyer for her home is a woman in her 80s who is moving back to Sacramento to be closer to her family, some of whom live in Elizabeth's neighborhood. You couldn't ask for a more perfect situation.

Except, maybe for the part in which I got to share with Elizabeth the really good news. Even better news that we closed her Sacramento short sale. Because she was current on her mortgage with Wells Fargo, she qualifies to buy another home immediately! Yup, she never missed a payment. And Wells Fargo granted her short sale. That huge burden is lifted from her shoulders, and Elizabeth can get on her with her life. But if she wants to buy a home where she is going, she can do it. There is no two-year wait imposed.

Plus, I have enjoyed a truly special bond. Makes up for the occasional screwball who crosses my path.

Before you go deliinquent on your mortgage to do a short sale, talk with an experienced Sacramento short sale agent. You don't always have to stop paying the mortgage. That's a myth.

Photo: Marina, California, Elizabeth Weintraub

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