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When An Agent Cancels a Sacramento Short Sale

sacramento short sale agentWhy do Sacramento short sale agents cancel a short sale? I do not know. It's not a practice that I follow. My clients will sometimes give up on a short sale but I do not. Early in my short sale experiences, back in 2005 or 2006, I ran into a couple of situations that I regret giving up on because they could have closed if I had tried a different approach. I believed the wrong people who told me it couldn't be done. But, see I learn from my mistakes. And I do not make that mistake today.

If I list a Sacramento short sale, it's because I believe it will close. Buyer's agents know that about me and do not hesitate to write an offer on my listings. I don't let "no" stand in my way. In fact, a short sale bank can tell me no any number of times, and I will keep right on keeping on. It doesn't deter me. I will keep working until I find a way to close that short sale. Or, my client runs out of steam and gives up. But it won't be me who quits. Not this Sacramento short sale agent.

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