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The New Trend Among Sacramento Real Estate Listings

sacramento real estate trendsI am not the only Sacramento real estate agent who has noticed the trend. January of 2013 has been a rather odd month as compared to other years. Although the activity has been a bit slower because inventory has dwindled, there seems to be a rising interest in selling Sacramento homes that are not underwater.

Home sellers are cautious still and not completely sold on the Sacramento real estate market, but they are opening their doors and windows to poke their noses outside. Some are saying the weather is crap and cold and why can't we have the sun for more than a couple of hours a day, but others are putting on sensible shoes and venturing out.

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The New Trend Among Sacramento Real Estate Listings
I am not the only Sacramento real estate agent who has noticed the trend. January of 2013 has been a rather odd month as compared to other years. Although the activity has been a bit slower because inventory has dwindled, there seems to be a rising… more
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