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Meet Our New Kitten, a Chocolate Spotted Ocicat

I am not only just going to show you our new kitten, but I'm also uploading a few photos of my history with cats. My first long-term cat was Ashli, a Persian. Followed by Brandon, the Somali. Then Pica, the Silver Chocolate Classic Ocicat came to live with us, in hopes that he would keep Brandon happy during the day. But Brandon was too old and grumpy to want a kitten. Which is why we then adopted Pia, the Cinnamon-Spotted Ocicat, to keep Pica happy. And that worked out very well until she died a few months ago.

When Brandon died, I adopted a Ragdoll, whom seems to answer to the name of Jackson, so Jackson stuck. He was an absolute terror. No more kittens for me, I said, never, ever. They are too much trouble. Jumping into wastepaper baskets and throwing stuff everywhere in glee.

I also swore we were NOT getting another cat after Pia. That lasted all of two months. So, last night, we drove out to Auburn and brought home to Land Park a Chocolate Spotted Ocicat. We need to come up with a name. Read more and see photos in my personal blog today on my business website about Help Name Our New Ocicat Kitten.

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Meet Our New Kitten, a Chocolate Spotted Ocicat
I am not only just going to show you our new kitten, but I'm also uploading a few photos of my history with cats. My first long-term cat was Ashli, a Persian. Followed by Brandon, the Somali. Then Pica, the Silver Chocolate Classic Ocicat came to… more
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