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When Should an Agent Offer Constructive Criticism to Another?

constructive criticismI love to give my clients help when staging a home and getting it ready for the market. That's one of the things I do really well. I can envision how a home should look and what will give it its greatest appeal. Not every home needs to be staged, and if it doesn't, I tell them that, too. I find myself to be brutally honest because, as I believe Mark Twain said, then you don't have to remember what you said. Plus, it makes me feel good about myself to be honest. I could not imagine being any other way. There's a freedom that comes with honesty.

And then there's constructive criticism, which is a whole 'nother animal. Completely unrelated to honesty. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the person providing the constructive criticism that I overhear (not that it's directed at me) is getting some kind of kick out of it. Read more in my personal blog today about Constructive Criticism and Sacramento Real Estate.

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