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When Your Number Comes Up in Land Park

land park agentI watched a home go pending in Land Park that I had listed a few years ago when the sellers were thinking about moving to the Bay area. Turns out their job offer had fallen through, so they no longer wanted to sell, and we took the home off the market. It was a tough home to sell, located across from a school and at the corner of a busy intersection.

I saw it go pending within a few days on market, and the sellers had listed with a competitor. I don't know why they didn't call me. Maybe they tried to call me one day and the call went to my voice mail? Maybe they go to the same church as the agent who listed it? Maybe they ran into the agent at brunch and mentioned they were thinking about moving? Maybe the agent was combing MLS for withdrawn listings over the past 5 years and calling all the sellers to see if they would like to go on the market now that the market has turned into a seller's market.

Which is what I should have been doing and haven't. So, I have to look in the mirror for the culprit.

Read more in my professional blog today about If Your Home in Land Park Doesn't Immediately Sell.

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