Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: January 2014

The Myth Behind Those Back-on-Market Homes in Sacramento

This spring real estate market in Sacramento is off to a rocky start, at least in my little camp in the universe. It seems that every time I take a home off the market and place it into pending status, there is some kind of issue with the buyer that should have been resolved prior to writing an offer. What I call an "Oops" status. Except it's like a 30-foot-deep snow blizzard, so I just say Oops to be funny, otherwise, I'd be tearing out my hair.

Over the last dozen years, even through the real estate crisis, a listing agent could be relatively assured that when she changed that status on a home in Sacramento from active to pending, that it would at least make its way into escrow. Because, after all, she had an accepted purchase contract. That doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. Read more in my personal blog about Why Do Sacramento Homes Come Back on the Market?

P.S. MetroList should inact an "oops" we didn't mean to change it to pending status, just for these types of screw ups.

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