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Leg 5 of My Vacation Journey Starts Today

Frederick of the Havannah Resort in Vanuatu asked me last night if I wanted to join everybody for a cocktail and watch the Fire Show. But honestly, I don't have any interest in New Year's Eve celebrations with a bunch of couples from Australia who just want to be left alone to their own devices. Plus, I got to see a spectacular fire show at Eratap Resort and don't feel a need to be entertained.

I've gotten really grumpy, I guess, in my old age, in that I'm satisfied to read a book or listen to music or just sit here and watch the waves ripple, curl and roll to shore. When I told the staff I would like two glasses of champagne delivered to my villa, the server looked at me oddly. A bottle of champagne and two glasses, she asked, raising one eyebrow? One glass with champagne in it, followed by another glass with champagne in it, equals two glasses of champagne, I clarified; and I pantomimed pouring a glass of champagne, setting it aside and pouring a second. One finger, two fingers. It dawned on her then that I wanted two glasses of champagne, and she did a high five and slapped my palm. I guess I must order weird things.

When I asked for a glass of skim milk for breakfast, all hell broke out in the kitchen. Finally, they brought me a small pitcher milk. I asked for a glass to drink it in, and the light-bulb went off. Silly Americans. Salad dressing on the side is another odd request they don't get very often. They brought me a salad and a side of scalloped potatoes. How do you get scalloped potatoes out of "dressing on the side?"

It's my accent, I guess. They are not used to an American accent. Although some people would say I sound just like the parodies in the movie Fargo, hailing originally from Minnesota.

You can read more about my newest journey starting today in my personal blog, Groundhog Day: From Vanuatu to Hawaii on New Year's Day.


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