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Closing an Escrow That Refuses to Close in Sacramento

It seems like this month I've had more than my fair share of challenges with closing an escrow that doesn't want to close. There are many moving parts in an escrow, and the easiest place for all parties to focus on when an escrow can't close is the seller. Their initial solution is to ask the seller to extend. If only the seller would extend, then all of their problem -- which they created all by themselves -- would be solved.

The thing is when I am representing the seller, I see the seller's side of things, and sellers often do not want to extend. There are other ways to handle it apart from putting the pressure on the seller, for example.

You can read more in my personal blog today about Closing an Escrow Against the Odds.

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It seems like this month I've had more than my fair share of challenges with closing an escrow that doesn't want to close. There are many moving parts in an escrow, and the easiest place for all parties to focus on when an escrow can't close is the… more
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