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Candidness is Almost Always Appreciated in Sacramento Real Estate

Even if I'm not always 100% correct at least I have conviction and am candid. You can't say that about every person one runs into in Sacramento real estate. I've been struggling with a certain situation that has been rather difficult for weeks, and when I spoke to the person responsible for much of my troubles yesterday she pointed out how much she likes talking to me and how she can't wait until she's ready to buy a home next spring through me.

That's due to practiced diplomacy. There's a difference between being diplomatic and candid. She doesn't see how she drives me nuts because it doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of things, and I don't care to pound her over the head with it. I care to get the transaction closed. You can read more in my personal blog today about how candidness and being direct is sometimes a better way to go about it: The California Motto is Dude I Flaked.

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Elizabeth Weintraub is an author, home buying expert for About.com, a Land Park resident, and a veteran real estate agent who specializes in older, classic homes in Land Park, Curtis Park, Midtown and East Sacramento, as well as tract homes in Elk Grove, Natomas, Roseville and Lincoln. Weintraub is also a Sacramento Short Sale agent who lists and successfully sells short sales throughout the four-county Sacramento area with an emphasis on Elk Grove. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of real estate experience to work for you. Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate. BRE License # 00697006.

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Candidness is Almost Always Appreciated in Sacramento Real Estate
Even if I'm not always 100% correct at least I have conviction and am candid. You can't say that about every person one runs into in Sacramento real estate. I've been struggling with a certain situation that has been rather difficult for weeks, and… more
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