Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: August 2014

Don't Forget to Buy a Home in Sacramento Today

I'm wondering how many home buyers will forget to buy a home today now that the long Labor Day weekend is upon us. It's sort of like people are so busy during the week that they don't have time to pay attention to the important details in their lives such as buying a home in Sacramento.

They reach that slap-the-forehead moment as they're about to leave the house, hands resting on the door knobs, wondering if they've got everything attached to their body somewhere and taking mental inventory: Cellphone? Check! Car keys? Check! Sunglasses? Check. Oh, wait, I forgot to buy a house.

You can read more in my personal blog today about The Two Givens in Sacramento Real Estate.

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I'm wondering how many home buyers will forget to buy a home today now that the long Labor Day weekend is upon us. It's sort of like people are so busy during the week that they don't have time to pay attention to the important details in their… more
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