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Warning About Supra Bluetooth IBoxes in Use as Lockboxes

When I re-read the part in my personal blog on my personal website today about four Sacramento real estate agents trying to open a SUPRA iBox with Bluetooth technology, I was reminded of course of the joke: how many agents does it take to open a MetroList lockbox, but I wasn't gonna go there. Because the answer is zero. Some of those lockboxes don't open. They might work for a broker tour, for example, and let 10 agents in before it will stop working.

I recall sitting at the Convention Center during the Metrolist iBox exchange and checking each and every lockbox to make sure the shackle worked and the keybox released. For all the good that precaution did. The iBoxes can just stop working. They can malfunction.

It doesn't mean the display key or your iPhone app won't contact the box and be read by the iBox because it will. I have lots of evidence of the box being read by Bluetooth. So, it's not the Bluetooth technology, and it's not the infrared technology that is the problem. Not to mention, it goes deeper than this because some agents in Sacramento have discovered they can't get into the old infrared lockboxes because they left their FOB at home, which sort of negates the reason to have a cellphone app, you think?

Confused? You betcha. You can read more about MetroList prison and the shocking manner in which I feel they violate prisoners er, members in my personal blog today: What Supra / MetroList iBoxes Won't Tell You Until It's Too Late.

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