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Where Millennials Will Move in East Sacramento

Before Millennials can move into the new McKinley Village housing development in East Sacramento, they will have to get a job and hold that job for a minimum of two years. Given our current state of affairs, that could prove to be troublesome.

Take my niece, for example. She is now 23, still struggling to get through college as a straight A-plus student because she can't get the classes she needs, and she faces the strong possiblity that even when she finishes, there will be no job for her apart from that of a sales clerk, which she does now. She's not all that unusual than any other millennial, and she has the tattoos and earlobe distortments to prove it.

You can read more in my personal blog today about The Skinny on the McKinley Village Housing Development in East Sacramento.

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Where Millennials Will Move in East Sacramento
Before Millennials can move into the new McKinley Village housing development in East Sacramento, they will have to get a job and hold that job for a minimum of two years. Given our current state of affairs, that could prove to be troublesome. Take… more
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