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A Perfect Short Sale Home in Laguna West is Open Today

There are some home buyers for whom a short sale just doesn't work, even if it's a perfect home in Laguna West with RV parking, because they simply cannot or will not wait for the short sale to be approved. I wish short sale lenders would take that into consideration when pricing a short sale, but alas, many don't care how long it takes to find a buyer or whether the home goes to foreclosure because they get paid either way.

Years ago buyers would snap up short sales like hotcakes but today many sit on the market, through no fault of their own. There is often nothing wrong with these short sale homes but buyers simply thumb their noses. It could be that many of their buyer's agents were burned by sitting in escrow with other short sale agents who weren't working the files or had no clue as to what they were doing. They're in good hands if they're in escrow with this agent, though, because I close more short sales than any other single agent in a 7-county area over the past 10 years. Simply put, if it's listed by Elizabeth Weintraub as a short sale, it's gonna close escrow, providing the buyer is willing to wait.

So don't wait for a better home in Laguna West. The home you want to buy is open today. You can read more in my personal blog and see the photos of Open House Sunday at Home in Laguna West.

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