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What Will You Do With the Last Business Day in 2016?

Yes, this Sacramento Realtor is still engaged in her wor-cation in Hawaii, as you can tell by the above photograph. Every day I get out of our vacation house and go somewhere fun. Yesterday, I stopped at a few furniture stores because sometime this year I will be furnishing the house after the sellers / tenants move.

I could not peruse bedroom furniture because a woman from Elk Grove called in the midst of my hunt and I answered my phone from the second floor of Kohala Furniture. This is a seller whom I must have contacted many times as a referral maybe a year ago and she never responded until the moment suited. She expects to sell her home without the painting or recarpeting she says it needs, knock 2 percentage points off my commission, and sell at top of market; not to mention, she demanded a full report on-the-spot of all homes on her street that have sold, but she is not about to read a 50-page CMA report, thank you very much. 

She also noted I am a top producer, the #2 agent out of 1000 or so at Lyon she says, and wished outloud I was #20 because I must make too much money. She believes top agents who make a lot of money won't make the seller a lot of money, which is completely the opposite.

We earn the big bucks because our sellers get top dollar, which means we perform well. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: The Last Business Day of 2016 Can't Come Soon Enough.

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