Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: August 2016

The Good Thing About Internet Real Estate

Ever since the first blinky blinky green curser in Freenet, I have been in love with the internet. It is especially wonderful for Sacramento real estate because almost everything I do is completed online. It is where we advertise, showcase homes, talk with other agents and  our  buyers and sellers; engage and communicate electronically.

Today we leave for Europe. We're staying in Lisbon for a few days, then cruising to Morocco, on to climb the Rock of Gibraltar, over to Ibiza to check out the party scene, then to Mallorca, maybe snorkeling a little, touring Tarragona and into Barcelona for a week.

I will still be taking care of Sacramento real estate. Even though I have a team to support me, I can't keep my fingers off the internet, even while on vacation. I imagine many of my clients, except for the 8-hour difference, will not even realize I am not in Sacramento.

You can read more in my personal blog today about the people who find me online, which is the bulk of my real estate business, at this link: Sacramento Realtor: I Found You on the Internet.

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Ever since the first blinky blinky green curser in Freenet, I have been in love with the internet. It is especially wonderful for Sacramento real estate because almost everything I do is completed online. It is where we advertise, showcase homes,… more
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