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Quicken Loans Might Better Manage Appraisal Process

The last time I helped out an out-of-area appraiser by installing a contractor's box for her, she lost the key in the front yard and the appraisal came in low. It's not the first time an appraiser lost the house key in the yard. Usually buyer's agents will put the key into their pockets and wander off, but appraisers tend to drop keys. They are not much of a keeper of keys, in my experience.

However, when you're a Sacramento real estate agent who routinely shows property, you develop systems. Things you always do. That way you won't leave your lockbox key in the kitchen late at night along with your bag so you can't drive home because you can't get back inside. Which, yes, has happened.

I would like to ask Quicken Loans to improve its appraisal process, though, wouldn't you? Are other agents having problems with out of area appraisers through Quicken? For example, an appraisal management company called me from Minneapolis to assign an appraiser in Sacramento. Do you believe it? You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Quicken Loans and Sacramento Out-of-Area Appraiser Issues.

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The last time I helped out an out-of-area appraiser by installing a contractor's box for her, she lost the key in the front yard and the appraisal came in low. It's not the first time an appraiser lost the house key in the yard. Usually buyer's… more
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