Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: December 2017

You Always Remember the Last Sale of the Year

I might not always recall the first sale of the year but I always remember the last one. Especially when it closes just under the wire on the last day of the year. In the olden days, like 2010, often that last sale was a short sale that I battled for 4 to 6 months. It was often bitter sweet. Now, those kind of transactions are few and far between.

But this particular last sale involved a seller who prepared for almost 6 months to be ready to sell. When he was ready, he was ready now! The lucky buyer was a first-time home buyer using down payment and closing cost assistance programs. I don't think these buyers realize until they start writing offers how hard it is to buy a home with that type of financing. They think everybody buys a home this way. They don't realize how jaded some listing agents and their sellers are about it.

Don't you think every buyer who qualifies and desires to buy a home should own a home? I do, but sometimes I think I am in the minority. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: This Sacramento Realtor's Last Closing of 2017 was a Dream Sale.

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I might not always recall the first sale of the year but I always remember the last one. Especially when it closes just under the wire on the last day of the year. In the olden days, like 2010, often that last sale was a short sale that I battled… more
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