Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: February 2017

Hot New Listing Will Grab Attention in Sacramento

When the seller told me he had his own home stager in the family, many red flags went up in my mind, and I pretty much tortured him over it, which I now regret. I've just seen too many people think they can stage a home who cannot. So many believe it's just "decorating," and they do not understand how intricately involved and nuanced home staging can be.

While it is not the home staging that will necessarily sell this home in Sacramento, the staging is bound to help create excitement over what is already a pretty exciting listing! It's affordable, has all the bell and whistles that today's discriminating buyers demand.

I predict this is a winner, and you can bet I am, unlike Warren Beatty, holding the right envelope!

You can see a bunch of photographs and read more about this new listing in my personal blog today at this link: New Gardenland Listing Looks Straight Outta Pottery Barn.

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