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When Your Amazon Prime App Goes on the Blink

It is my nature to dislike congolmerates, monopolies and corporate giants. The main problem is they are free to do whatever they want when there is little to no competition. So whatever they choose to do is probably not in the interest of the customer because they no longer need to put much emphasis on the customer.

When the emphasis is on something other than the consumer, I think the qualify suffers. On the other hand, sometimes they do amazingly crazy things that you do not expect.

For example, I ordered 8 Le Creuset pasta bowls from Amazon. They shipped in 4 separate boxes, HUGE BIG boxes, without padding and a few bubble wraps tossed in to roll around. In each box, one of the bowls had broken. I sent all 4 back in separate boxes. I received replacements but poor packaging resulted in more broken bowls.

At which point, I had 6 good bowls. I waited 2 weeks and never received the replacements to the replacements, so I called Amazon. They immediately sent out the remaining two bowls without questioning my numbers. Makes you wonder, just how CHEAP are these bowls they charge $25 each for.

Then, about a week ago, my Amazon App stopped working on my TV. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: How to Fix the Amazon App When It Stops Working on a Smart TV.

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