Elizabeth Weintraub • Sacramento Real Estate Agent: March 2018

Looking for a High-Water Bungalow in Midtown Sacramento?

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Midtown is where Craftsman Row (some call it Bungalow Row) is located. The location is ideal because the traffic is somewhat less than other areas, the streets are wider, and it's still far enough away from Business 80 so you don't hear much of the freeway. A reporter friend from the Sacramento Bee once said the thing she disliked most about living in Sacramento is wherever you went, you could hear the freeways.

For me, the thing I dislike the most is 115-degree heat in the summer. But fortunately, it doesn't get that hot all the time. Maybe for 2 or 3 weeks. It is not Palm Springs but close to it. Very dry heat.

Midtown also offers a lot of trees, and you can walk almost anywhere. Plethora of restaurants, nightlife, shops, very urban environment. Some people thrive in this setting. 

If you would like to buy a high-water bungalow in Midtown near Craftsman Row, I have a brand new listing that just might suit your needs. It features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (although one bath is located in the 1,000+ sq ft partially finished basement). You see all of the photos and read more about this hot new listing in my personal blog today at this link: Wow Factor in 1910 Midtown High-Water Bungalow for Sale.

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