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Consider Protecting Mono Lake as a Charitable Donation

My brokerage, in an attempt to appear more human and caring, I imagine, started setting up the Lyon Cares program, which donates funds to charities, right after a company-wide fiasco happened that threatened our very framework. I'm not saying it's not a good program, or that even under the auspiciousness of how it was founded lessens its credibility, it still deserves our support. Doesn't matter how a person or company comes to share the wealth with others, in my mind, as long as they do.

As an office, we can nominate charities and hope our choices garner enough votes that the company will choose that charity. Well, I know no matter what I have to say about preserving Mono Lake, it's not a popular charity for most of the people in my office. Starting with the fact it is not "local." So I thought I would just put it out there for anybody else who is interested in conservation.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Support for the Mono Lake Committee is Necessary and Appreciated.

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