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The Holidays Seem to Bring Out the Best in People

Of course, I'm being facetious. You would like to believe that people are calmer, friendlier around the holidays, right? I know I sure would. But a lot of tempers seem to be flaring up lately over small misunderstandings. Some people just grab and run with it, throwing bombs on the sidelines. But what else is new?

Well, I guess this holiday season also allots time to receive insane offer submissions. It's not just pricing that can mess up an offer. It's all of the other components together. And like I mentioned in my personal blog, it's kinda hard to top the worst offer I've ever received, primarily because I've seen such crap over the decades.

I was not really prepared for it. I was dealing with other things such as discovering a baby gecko in the middle of my bed when I got up. You know where my mind went with that. I grabbed a Kleenex and flushed him. Or, how about the baby gecko I found on my dinner plate, nestled between my pasta and fruit, sitting quietly with its tail curled, hoping I would not notice it while enjoying its good fortune?

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: The Worst Purchase Offer Ever in 40 Years Says Realtor.

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