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Sacramento's Secret Homes for Sale and Ring.Com

In our days of limited inventory this spring, it is not unusual for homes to sell that are not listed in MLS. We all need to be creative to continue to prosper in challenging times. I thought of this today as I struggled speaking with customer service reps. Dealing with CSR anywhere is pretty much a PITA because you've got some guy either working in a boiler room or across the globe. Not a person who works inside the company and knows what's going on.

Turns out because I had bought two Ring Doorbells, the original (which was a piece of crap and resulted in the need to purchase an upgraded model) and the Ring Doorbell 2, which works like the original was advertised to work but doesn't. That little maneuver royally screwed up Ring.com's bookkeeping, to hear them tell it. I had changed my credit card for billing after my trial period and their system has the three-digit code on the same field line as the ZIP so the ZIP was omitted and they could not process my card.

Ring.com said they could not fix it because it meant my card would be charged, which is incorrect billing. I have no amount due. Apparently, I have no billing due because I started the second free trial, which ends around Christmas. The CSR said I needed to wait until I received a total of 4 rejected emails of futile attempts before they could straighten it out. And that could take another week or so to generate.

Seriously? Yes, their software can't handle it.

I asked for a supervisor and asked him to pull my card, enter the correct information and when the charge shows up, I will call him to remove it. That was actually the easiest solution. Believe it or not.

Well, on to Sacramento's secret homes for sale. That inventory that would sell if it was for sale and how to find it. My partner JaCi tackles this topic in our personal blog today at this link: How to Find Sacramento's Hidden Inventory Pocket Listings.

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