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A Week in Review for a Busy Sacramento Realtor

In between trying to buy tickets for the Eagles, I accomplished quite a bit last week. Actually, if I had been more on the ball with my personal life, I would have set an alarm for 10 AM on Friday because that's when tickets for the Eagles went on sale at Golden1 Center. But I didn't think of it until Friday afternoon. Which in some ways is just as well because the rush online makes it hard to score good seats.

That left mostly scalper tickets. I looked for seats in the box where we sat to see Paul McCartney, but those were $5,000. For some reason, front row on the floor was cheaper, only $3,000 for 2 tickets. I'll spend like a drunken sailor if the situation warrants, but just to hear the voice of reason, I called my husband. He asked if $3,000 for 4/5ths (to 3/5ths depending on how you look at it) of the Eagles was worth it.

I know every Eagles song by heart.

When I would drive home from work from Boulder up the canyon to Nederland, whenever an Eagles song came on the radio, every person in my car would sing outloud.

Then he put it another way, would I be willing to spend $3,000 to watch Joe Walsh perform Hotel California? Well, I had to think about that. I love Joe Walsh. Believe it or not, that song got me to move to California in the 1970s. True. Game changer.

But then, I thought again, $3,000. Hmmm . . . my husband won't buy his own ticket. Joe Walsh. And finally my own voice of reason said no. So with THAT important decision out of the way, I present to you my past week in Sacramento real estate. You can read about it in my personal blog today at this link: Week of Highlights for a Sacramento Realtor.

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