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Quitting a Second Job Should Not Be So Hard

Quitting a second job should not be so hard. But it's old habits. Hard to let go of. Not to mention, there is a certain amount of enjoyment and reward from my second job. Oh, you didn't know I had a second job? Well, not everybody realizes a top producer in Sacramento real estate is also driven enough to manage a second job, much less a second job for 12 long years.

Although, when I started my second job, which was writing for About.com as its homebuying expert (although we were called "guides" in the old days), I was selling one or two homes a month, not a couple of homes a week like today. I kept writing for About.com through the days of short sales . . . when I managed 75 listings on average.

This year, I looked hard at my career with that company and how it has changed. How much freedom had vanished. Choices and decisions pretty much gone. I had become a hamster on a wheel. Not even a spoke in the wheel. It's the nature of the internet.

Yet, my content still ranks supreme. Hard to put a real estate term or phrase into Google and not find one of my articles. It's a mark. A speck.

Now that I've handed in my resignation, which I agonized over, now that the decision has been made, I feel a great sense of relief.

I leave you with the photo my husband shot of me in New York, when we went to our first About.com conference. It's time for me to focus solely on my Sacramento real estate career and let go. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Quitting a Job is Bittersweet Yet it is Time for a Change.

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