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Pica Has Left the Weintraubs

You cannot ever imagine the incredible pain of wrestling with the decision of whether to put a cat to sleep, euthanize him, when he seems perfectly fine. It's much easier to do when your cat is almost dead. Quite another when he silently suffers.

Pica came to live with us 14 years ago as a throw-away cat, because he had the misfortune in breeding circles to be born with a marbled coat instead of spotted. Breeders show ocicats spotted. So, the breeder said I could have him for $100 if I would be willing to come get him.

Since I live in Sacramento and Pica's cattery was in Yorba Linda (in Orange County), it meant driving south for 8 hours, spending the night and driving back home. I was about halfway home when I realized I should make a pit stop at a convenience store to buy diapers. I forgot cat litter.

You can read more in my personal blog today about our struggles with feline diabetes at this link: How We Came to Euthanize our Diabetic Cat Pica.

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Pica Has Left the Weintraubs
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