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Sacramento Realtors Who Wear Only One Hat

You won't find very many Sacramento Realtors who wear only one hat. The reason is most of them can't afford to do it. If they stopped working with buyers, for example, and focused solely on sellers, they would lose half of their business. Or at least that's the way I figure they think.

A fairly successful agent in Sacramento is a person who sells maybe 8 to 12 homes a year. Usually the way it works out is half of that is buyers and the other half is sellers. I understand that fear about giving away half of your business. But I have also discovered that focusing solely on one type of client, like I do with sellers and my team does with buyers, we close closer to 1 or 2 homes a week on average.

However, what works for me doesn't work for every other agent. Not every agent wants to work that hard, either. And you can read more about that in my personal blog today at this link: Why Do Sacramento Realtors Try to Wear So Many Hats?

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