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Researching Kitchen Appliances Before Buying

When our refrigerator in Sacramento showed signs of losing its digital mind, it wasn't an easy thing to buy another refrigerator. Aside from a ton of options to weigh, width and height considerations, it would be nice, I figured, if the refrigerator lasted more than 9 years. They make them to wear out eventually or break. Not enough new homeowners to sell refrigerators to, I guess, gotta tap the existing market and make them return sooner.

And the competition for refrigerators, for example, is fierce. One top-rated refrigerator that was available quickly in Sacramento was only available at Home Depot, and we refuse to shop there due to Home Depot's political contributions. Since we could not wait, we ended up buying a reputable brand for refrigerators, GE.

But when you are remodeling and replacing all of your appliances, you've generally got a bit more time to purchase any type of new kitchen appliances you want. The entire world opens up. Further, being a Sacramento Realtor forces you to consider future resale value as well. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Tips for Buying New Kitchen Appliances for a Remodel.

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Researching Kitchen Appliances Before Buying
When our refrigerator in Sacramento showed signs of losing its digital mind, it wasn't an easy thing to buy another refrigerator. Aside from a ton of options to weigh, width and height considerations, it would be nice, I figured, if the… more
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