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First Phase of Bath Remodels Features Quartz Counters

After buying the cabinets, ordering the quartz countertops was the next order of business. That was last June. But, because this bath remodel is happening at our second home in Hawaii, everything takes longer. There are the normal problems caused by rainstorms, hurricanes and volcano eruptions, that sort of stuff.

And, then there is also the problem that people nowadays are just not vested in their jobs. They are not "paid" to think, I guess, I hear that a lot. Some of these guys simply cannot fathom that if they do X then Y might happen. However, I take part of the blame when I am not constantly on site to supervise. After all, I am the last person to catch an error.

The part I enjoyed was the contractor claiming that the guys I hired from Lowes are basically incompetent. Then HIS guy hooked up the water hoses to the sink backwards. There are more mistakes, of course. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Bath Remodel Update: Quartz Countertops and Lotus Vessel Sinks.

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