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Improved Price on Pool Home in Davis California

Funny coincidence is right after I uploaded all new photographs for my pool home in Davis listing, I received a notice from MetroList. The "courtesy" email was a harassment letter asking for copies of my paperwork to prove I had all of it signed. Apparently, some agent contacted MetroList and said, "I don't think this agent has her paperwork in order and you need to investigate."

This must be a complainer who doesn't know anything about me. Or, that finger triggerest would not be trying to report a former escrow officer, a person dedicated to paperwork and its accuracy, to MetroList. Well, so many agents do not think.

And apparently there is something in MetroList rules that says any dues-paying member can request an investigation if they suspect something. Something what? I don't know. Because the MetroList employee who sent me the email responded to my satisfaction of that request by noting she realizes my paperwork is ALWAYS in order, and she was sorry she had to ask.

Why did she have to ask? That's what I would like to know. Because it sounds like any green-eyed loser agent (and there are a lot of those) can contact MetroList to file bogus complaints about anything they so desire, without any proof whatsoever. How ineffective is that procedure, MetroList? What were you guys thinking?

Because when you know the charges are incredulous, demanding documentation is superfulous and equates to harasssment.

One of my friends said maybe it was the Sacramento Appraiser who did not like the fact I exposed him in a blog. I doubt he realizes that blog is about him, though. The fact is when you are successful in real estate, bogus complaints is common behavior. Could be anybody. Often, agents resent the success of others for some odd reason. Or maybe it's just more prevelant in Davis. Hard to say. I get listings in Davis, although I am physically in Sacramento, because sellers tell me they don't like the in-fighting in Davis, but whether that goes on all the time, I don't know. Never verified nor inquired. No time for that crap.

In any case, we have a new price for 3804 Los Cerros Place and the sellers have made a few improvements. You should come to our open house on Sunday, October 7th, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.

You can read more and see a lot more photos in my personal blog today at this link: Pool Home in Davis is Ready for You in Lake Alhambra Estates.

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Improved Price on Pool Home in Davis California
Funny coincidence is right after I uploaded all new photographs for my pool home in Davis listing, I received a notice from MetroList. The "courtesy" email was a harassment letter asking for copies of my paperwork to prove I had all of it… more
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